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What a summer it has been for SOZO Freedom Ministries. The challenges and victories that come with launching a ministry are worthy to share and write about, so for the next eight weeks I (Lisa) am going to be focusing on writing more and gathering testimonies from people who have had a personal SOZO and want to share their experience. Stay tuned for testimonies on the website!

Over the summer I was given the opportunity to teach a class on inner healing and how the SOZO model can be used in that particular setting. Not sure what to expect it would have great if a few people had signed up, but lo and behold we had 40 (did I say 40?) people attend and the majority of them stayed in the class for the entire 8 weeks! It was time of bonding, healing and learning- it was amazing.

I was with a good friend who suggested that I share the notes and teaching from the class on the SOZO Freedom blog page. For those who did not attend the class, the information will be made available on our website. It is our prayer that the material will bless you and help you along in your journey of discovering what God and Jesus have to say and what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you on a personal level.

Bless you as you journey with God!

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