First, contact us here to find out more or to schedule an appointment

Once we receive your email, we will quickly respond and if you would like us to call you to answer any questions, you can request that in your email

When your appointment is confirmed, we will email a simple application that you can fill out and bring with you the day of your Sozo appointment. We will also include the address and details on where to meet in our correspondence with you.

When you arrive, you will be greeted and taken to a private counseling room that is quiet, safe and peaceful. 

We will spend a few minutes getting to know each other and then explain the tools that we use in Sozo and make sure to answer any questions you might have.

 Notes will be taken for you and all of the good, positive things God reveals during your Sozo will be written down, you will be able to take the notes with you.

The sessions are usually 90 minutes long.

Sozo in action:

With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will focus on getting to the roots of the things hindering your spiritual, emotional and/or relational well-being.

There may be areas in your life where you feel stuck and need breakthrough, or perhaps you need clarity from God.

There may also be areas where you have been wounded and need to forgive and release as you encounter the healing power and presence of God.

The focus of the Sozo session is to help you achieve a deeper connection with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit so that you may know discover your value and identity in Christ and also to allow you to walk in the destiny to which you have been called.

  •  Sozo is simple, fast, Holy Spirit led and effective.
  •  Sozo is gentle, honoring and uplifting.
  •  Sozo finds issues in minutes instead of years.
  •  Sozo brings healing: spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

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